Monday, August 25, 2014

Fast Forward...

I can't believe I haven't been here to post since mid May...

It's still me

Busy bee that I am, I've been all over the place!

Since my last post on May 17th, I worked in the CMA showroom
setting up for the July Gift & Home show.  I finished that project on July 15th. 

As soon as I got home I had a few painting jobs to do...
one of which was this Ombre wall!  More on that to come.

In between I needed to get a few new pieces painted, out of my work space and into my 
Cerro Home shop at Urban Barn.


Meanwhile on the home front...I helped the man of the house
build a new fence at our front entrance.
(I actually watched and supported his hard work).

More furniture to paint and get worked into the mix at Urban Barn.

Then a couple of personal creative projects...
a skirt made out of vintage scarves and a little bird painting.
One does need to relax into frivolous creativity sometimes.

Oh yeah...I bought a 1946 teardrop trailer!
We've already started on her (Sally's) resurrection...
I'm so excited about this and you know I'll be sharing along the way!

last and biggest of all...
I'm moving my Cerro Home shop location from 
Urban Barn to Antiques on Cedros.

Sadly, because it seems a frivolous ADA law suit 
abruptly closed the doors of Urban Barn.
Our talented and creative business owner did all she could 
to comply, and comply we did...
but in the end, even that was not enough to calm the lawyers.
Urban Barn was forced to shut its doors on August 12th. 

I needed to think fast to find a new home for my vintage goods!
My friends at Antiques on Cedros in Solana Beach made room for me and several other 
vintage vendors from the Barn.
We'll be all moved in the first week of September.

there will be more updates to follow on all of this and more,
once the dust settles and I can share a little more details on all of the above.

Until then...


  1. wow.. what a summer! You rocked it by inspiration, perspiration, and usual! love the little birdie painting..(-:

    1. Thank you Carole, always love having your support!


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