Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Focus, focus, focus...

My poor little, neglected 
Etsy shop is once again getting my full 

Its gone way too long without a single new listing.

Easy to do when your focus is not focused.  I've been working on straightening that out...the focus thing.  Seems there are so many creative things I enjoy doing that it's hard to give full attention to any one thing...change is needed in this area of my life and business...especially if success is what's desired.

I've been reading (and following) a really good book...
The One Thing 
and it really is helping me get focused on the next step, 
where I want my business to go, 
focus on that One thing and let the rest fall away.
Not always easy for us creative types...though a lot easier than you think when you 
invite discipline into your life!

So, one of my goals is to get my vintage hanky and vintage goods listed onto my Etsy site...


It's a challenge,
 and I realize all the things I would like to do differently, and will be in the near future.
Starting with getting a permanent backdrop and a better camera.
Using my iPhone (as good as it is) is not where I want to be!

Photos are everything when posting online, different angles to show all the detail, lighting of course 
and then time on the computer to edit all the shots.

Not to mention trying to get the most creative layout to show the goods.  Hankies are a challenge, not too many ways you can show them creatively and still see the pattern.

For now I'm kinda liking the clothes pins, though would like to have the same background for all the photos in my shop.  
I'm thinking maybe a 4X8 sheet of Old White, weathered bead board would be nice.  

I'm also branching out from just hankies in my shop and adding in pincushions, 
made with the many mismatched cups and saucers I have and using some of my vintage fabrics for the cushion...and buttons from my collection on the straight pins.
It's pretty fun and all in the vintage flavor.

And...what about all the cool stuff I find on my scavenging forays 
into the world of thrift stores and garage sales?
Gotta add those in too!

So my online shop is growing!

Hopefully in the direction of that One Thing that I'm still fine tuning while I get my lenses in focus.
Please check in and visit my shop and let me know what you think.

If you use the promo code BlogMe you'll receive 20% off your purchase
in my easy shop until November 30th.


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