Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Carole & Me..

This week started with 
a drive up to Palomar Mountain...

Just Carole & me...

I've mentioned Carole in my posts before when we worked on a larger mural together.
You can see that project HERE.

Carole is an amazing artist and we have so much fun working together 
and being inspired by each other.

This time it was painting for a client we've both done work for in the past, 
 we teamed up this time around.

Time was limited and we had a lot to do, 
so not much time to stop and take photos of before and during...
though we do have a few after shots of our work.

Day one of the hallway...

I faux finished the walls 
(flat porous wall, which make it a little trickier to do)
two colors, the top color a gold metallic that shimmers in the light.

Hallway day two...

Carole worked tirelessly with the client on the stencil design...
it turned out beautifully.

Mud room cabinets Day One...

While I was fauxing the hallway, 
Carole created a beautiful aged base for all the design details to go on cabinets.
It has an old parchment feel with ragged edges...lovely.

Day two of cabinets...

While Carole was stenciling the hall, 
I worked on building up the design from soft background to 
upfront and stronger elements of design.

We are both loving the cabinets and decided we are doing it in our own kitchens...
more of the soft detail though and less of the stronger colors.

So one of our next projects...helping each other with our kitchen cabinets!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jill...we had a lot of fun, though worked fast and furiously to get it all done in two days!

  2. I love it, too, and the opportunity to work again with Denise!

    1. We're a team! Thanks Carole for inviting me to join you on this one!


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