Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Solid Foundation

Getting to the Bottom of it!

I build my assemblage pieces on all sorts of bases, substrates, and foundations.

Group of foundation objects to build assemblage art on

 If you take a look at my Assemblage Portfolio, you'll see I've used 
picture frames
small boxes 
wall plaques
china plates
silver-plated trays
and even 
hollowed out books.

Wall hanging assemblage with green pitcher

Almost anything will work, but I'm looking for a few key characteristics:

  1. It needs to be sturdy, yet light enough to hang on a wall.
  2. My assemblage elements must adhere to it.
  3. And... it's a bonus if the substrate adds to the overall design of the piece!

Wall hanging assemblage with mask and turtle

Here's an assortment of items I picked up at a thrift store and later turned into assemblage foundations: 
small picture frames, a solid wood wall hanging, and the lid to a dresser box.

Group of foundation objects from the thrift store

Sometimes all I have to do is look around the house. 

A few of my favorite pieces were made out of old iPhone boxes I had saved! 
The small size creates a miniature shadowbox that's just the right depth to house 
small three-dimensional objects, and they have little nooks and crannies built in!

To be whisked over to my Etsy on any of the following three photos.

"Youth & Childhood" assemblage art by Denise Cerro
"Youth & Childhood"

"Girlfriends" assemblage art by Denise Cerro

"Save the Animals" assemblage art by Denise Cerro
"Save the Animals"

Check out my Pinterest Assemblage board to see what kinds of foundations other assemblage artists are using. 
And maybe take a look in your own cupboards to see what YOU come up with!

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