Saturday, October 29, 2016

Here I am...

...assembling art.

Since the beginning of last year I've been in one in those uncomfortable growth spurts,
that in between space, knowing its time to change from what I've been doing,
and move into the next step of creating this thing I call my life. 

As you may remember...I've been all about 
painting + furniture + vintage + shops + flea markets + hankies
for the last 5 + years.

Time to move on

No more moving furniture from place to place,
 this makes my sweetheart very, very happy!

But I still love and adore old things, discarded pieces with a history,
making something beautiful out of other peoples junk.

Which brings me to were I am today...
assembling art pieces out of those old (and much smaller) pieces of someones history.

And may I say...
I am loving it and so engaged in the process.

First off...I love a good scavenger hunt...and most often have great success.

The lot above was all found from various dealers at the 

Being creative with found things...
including the iPhone boxes I covered and lined with vintage paper
and turned them into little assemblages that tell a story, 
like the one below titled

I always find boxes and trays along the way to alter 
and then to hold all my pieces together.

Sometimes something different...
like this piece cut into a book, creating a shadow box
to tell a story of self and empowerment.

Frames, platters, trays, boxes...
all make great foundations for my assemblage art pieces.

There are times I get lost and mesmerized watching YouTube videos on 
other artists process of putting together assemblage pieces.

One of my favorites is 
love his pieces and his fun personality while putting things together.

So the journey continues...
and I'm very happy with were I am right now.

I'm hoping you are too and that whatever you're up to...
you're enjoying the ride.

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