Saturday, July 29, 2017

Life happened...

...while I was making other plans! 

This week I had so many interesting, creative, exiting, colorful, fun projects and plans ahead of me.  Three abstract paintings for a client, meeting with one of my favorite designers to paint garage doors faux mahogany, 
planning art camping trips,
a new Gelli Plate to play with printing ideas...
my list always goes on and on picking up steam along the way.

Then this...  

While clearing out my storage space, two large boards fell onto my leg causing quite a bit of damage (and pain). Suffice to say, without going into the gory details, I'm stitched up, wrapped up, splinted up and leg up for two weeks... with a two month recovery estimate from my doctor. 
  This certainly puts a crimp in my creative plans! Though I'm pretty sure it was more the universe suggesting I slow down a bit and enjoy the processes...both creative and healing process. 

  I am open to suggestions of creative things to do with  my leg up and laying down...for the next two weeks. 
  Please do share.



  1. Oh poor you. Something similar hsppened to me at yhe end of last summer. I took up modern calligraphy for fun, during my recovery. All you need is some fun coloured sharpies and a pad of paper. Easy to do with your leg up. Wishing you a full recovery. ��

    1. Thanks for the idea Wilma, A friend just dropped by a perfect bed tray/lap desk... I'll collect supplies together for drawing & collage and work small scale...learning a little calligraphy will be nice to. I'm sure I can find a few tutorials on YouTube. Thanks for the idea and well wishes ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  2. Oh Denise....I feel so bad for you!! I just read to Dick what you posted (above) and he feels bad for you, too. He's had sciatica pain in his left leg for 3 weeks now and I told him he can count himself not so bad off compared to you, Denise. :( I don't have any art suggestions for you (not being an artist) but let me know if you need any books or magazines to read....or anything I can do to help you. Sharon

  3. Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks so much for the good thoughts. I'm not sure who this is as Google has you as anonymous... but good wishes are always welcomed🌷🌷🌷

  4. iPad, mags, online xmas shopping, it's a good time to make lists!! Organize computer photos, nap, update contact lists, nap, look at art books, read, nap, call me! That'll keep you creative and busy! ❤️❤️��������‍♀️ And NO.. ����������‍♀️��⚽️����⚾️����������⛳️⛸⛷������������‍♀️��⚔️

    1. All of this... great ideas... thanks for the reminders & ideas. I have no excuse for not getting caught up. Are you having to mend two California family members from afar now?πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    2. Denise,
      Well, for starters, family members are family, so I'm just trying to keep spirits up from afar, I guess. Jordan will be okay-he's tough and has had a pretty injury free (knock wood NOW) life so far. One broken wrist and a sliced up knee from skiing--here's the kicker--one cavity in his 20's!
      (Now we KNOW he's from another family!)
      You and I, on the other hand, usually have accidents like these when we are rushing around too much, with too many things on our minds, so that we really aren't focused 100% on what we're doing and BAM!! Wake up call, included with severe pain and one of those, "Uh-oh" moments when we realize we messed up and instantly think of how much we won't be able to get done, now, or that we can't start on something we're really excited about doing! It means 'slow down,' and these are not words that you and I live by! We're doers through and through! This was a forced slow down for you....big time. ☹️
      I have no doubt, with your compulsive creativity gene that you will come up with some amazing thing that you can make while being laid up on your sofa, binging on every series you've wanted to watch, but couldn't because you are always creating in your studio!
      So, put your thinking cap on, have a box by your sofa of pencils, markers, papers, scissors (rock--in case you want to play that game alone-haha) all of those creativity supplies, so you have them right at hand when the mood strikes (sounds like a Viagra commercial!)
      Jist take it slow and listen to your doctor. Call me when you're awake, ok?
      Love you,
      Little sissy


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