Saturday, August 5, 2017

Keeping A Leg Up..

Finding things to do and keeping your spirit up... 
when your body has to be down can be challenging.

I did however find inspirations each morning as I settled in for a day of keeping off my feet.
With the help of my guy, I was able to pull a few supplies and tools together to have close by so I could create at whim.  

It was a great way to not get caught up in dreary daytime TV, and not feel bad that I wasn't up and around.  Time flew by and I had a few creations completed by the end of the day.

 Papers, stamps, cut outs, washi tape, scissors, glue...easy stuff to keep 
in a basket next to my seated position for the last week.

I turned out a dozen little 5x7 collages, some as "Thank Yous" for friends 
who brought wonderful dishes in for us while I couldn't get to the kitchen 
and my sweet guy just needed a break at the end of the day.

One morning I picked up Nick Bantock's book "Artful Dodger" and started to read,
Nick is the creator of the Griffin & Sabine book series, which I also have and love.
Artful dodger is a book of images and reflections on his creative life as an artist...great read.

It also got me thinking of a few altered book projects I started and hadn't finished, 
so I pulled them out and started working on them again.
Here's a quick video of one of the books that's more along the 
lines of an altered book.


Down time is a great time to pull out the iPad and watched endless tutorials 
on YouTube.  I have several favorites and watched quite a few of Marmi's Small Art
videos.  First, they're small art (that I could handle) and she has a really pleasant voice 
and fun personality...I enjoyed watching her and playing along in the book I started below.

YouTube Videos


I have a few other faves that are fun and informative to watch...

Robert Burridge negative shape painting.
He's great to watch and helps you loosen up and have fun while painting.

I just got my new Gelli Plate right before being laid up
which was perfect timing as I had just made a stack of papers 
that came in handy for creating while I was down.

Only four or five more days to go till I'm up and about again...
just when I was getting warmed up to armchair / small art 
and having the time for so many opportunities to learn and try new techniques.

Please do share if you have a favorite art/creative YouTube video 
that has helped your creative journey along the way.


  1. Proof you can do twice as much as most people with two legs! Beautiful collection of images. xoxo

    1. Thank you Carole...I'm finally up and about this morning and feeling good. I think I'll sit at my work table and play with that printing plate a bit. Being down has given me the time to look at a few other media's I'd kinda like to play with. Too bad I don't take the time in my regular schedule...I think I'll be changing that now :)


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