Saturday, October 26, 2019

ARTful Mending...

Want to save money and the world by not buying new clothes all the time? 
Concerned about the labor practises of fast fashion?

Every day, most of us dress ourselves in items churned out by what is arguably the world’s second-most polluting industry.
Reportedly topped only by oil, the fashion industry is contributing to major environmental destruction – mainly because consumers insist on buying so many clothes at such cheap prices.
Water is a significant part of the problem. Textile manufacturing uses huge amounts of water, much of which gets flushed into waterways laden with contaminants such as bleaches, acids, inks and dyes. Horrifyingly, farmers in parts of China and India are reportedly predicting fashion’s next biggest hues by the colour of rivers tainted by textile industry runoff.  Fast fashion has terrible impacts on people, too, with workers in developing nations often paid a pittance to labour in unsafe conditions. Reported by The Guardian.
Denim Mending                     Visible Mending
While in Amsterdam my daughter in law turned me onto this new art form (for me it was new and a welcomed invitation to sew up the holes in my much loved jeans)...for Lucinda Walker Artist it was another of her many creative expressions with fabric and stitches.

Needless to say I've had so much fun with this!

All the jeans I purchased with holes in the knees, along with jeans I wore until they had holes worn through...are getting a new lease on life.  

It feels good to be making a small contribution to the planet, getting my creative sewing juices going, 
and not having to go out shopping for and trying on new jeans...I love the ones I have already!

I found a few other inspirations on Instagram... 

It's Saturday...
a good day to clean out your closet, stack up jeans that need to be mended...
and get to stitching!

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