Sunday, November 10, 2019

Who's Inspiring Me Now...

Finding Visual Voice...Again!
Another start...

Every once in awhile (or possibly often) you feel the need to switch things up, try something different, you're not satisfied with what you're painting, feel the growing pains showing up again.  My friend and mentor Kate Ashton helped me see this as not being stuck or lost...
instead see it as Divine Discontent.

It's the desire to switch things up, to find your own style, to find your visual voice, to keep growing as an artist.   It's a great time to go searching for inspiration...galleries, museums, art shows.  You  can easily be intimidated and frozen by all the wonderful art and artist who's works are so readily available out there and online...or you can use the inspiration to help move you forward.  

I've made it a practice at times of change, to make a handwritten list of techniques I like that other artists employ...things that grab my attention and inspire me.   By making a list of different techniques to refer to, it keeps me from copying another artists work while assisting me in making it my own from my complied list of artists techniques.

Here is who's inspiring me right now...

You know I love a still life!  
Lisa Noonis has a beautiful way of using line, segmenting backgrounds 
and simple abstracted shapes to convey her still life paintings.

I just came across Dusty Griffiths encaustic work and l
love the simplicity of line and subtle colors.

Judy Thorey's work has the same lines and subtle colors as the first two artist, 
along with my love of mixed media...very nice inspirations here.


I recently completed these two pieces without realizing I'd subliminally been inspired by these artists just by listing what I liked about their work and am excited to keep exploring these techniques, along with a few others, and keep moving onward.

Thanks for looking in and seeing what I'm up to.
The last two weeks I've been under the weather and my posts are a bit off schedule...
sorry about that and I'm happy to be getting back on track.

Till next week...keep looking for inspiration!

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