Monday, March 28, 2011


Wow!  My first blog ever...what should I blog about...hummm.  I know...I love painting and I love how about my painting friends!  I get to paint with this amazing group of women once a week for most weeks over the last nine years.  Oil paints is the medium for most of us, though we don't discriminate against water or acrylic paint, we just love to paint.  

These artists have started a daily painting group with the innovative idea of a "On The Go Gallery".  Once a month their gallery shows up in a different venue, to show off the theme for the month.  This Wednesday night they'll be at Sbicca,  a wonderful restaurant in Del Mar, California with their traveling gallery.  The theme is "Shades of Blue" and their interpretations of the blues are varied and imaginative.

Sadly for me, I was on a painting sabbatical making hanky pillows when they got the ball rolling on the "Daily Painters Project", so I'm not part of this project.  I'm back though to paint and cheer them on ... and try to keep up with they're painting brilliance! 

 Tangerines and Blue Jug by Carole Mayne
Still Life In Blue by  Linda Volz
 Blue Moonlight by Betsy Blodgett
 BB King by Jill Treadwell
 Door by Marjorie Taylor
 Out of the Blue by Cris Wetherby
Jewel of Balboa by Andrea Gayle


  1. Denise!

    What a great way to start the morning ... coffee and a blog from the artist eye! Keep blogging, my friend!


  2. Congrats on your first blog post! Your blog looks great. Your painting group is so talented, what a fabulous idea. Looking forward to reading more posts from you.

    blessings, Zuda Gay from BBEST

  3. Deniche!!! I am sooo excited you are doing this!! Your time on pillows was not wasted. The pillows rock. ps - I am honored to be included here!! Bb

  4. Great blog post and lovely selection of art!

  5. Fantastic job on your Cerro Home Blog page. It reflects your essence! Will look forward to following you. Thanks for sharing our Daily Painters Project with others. j

  6. Beautiful blog site! Very open, airy, inviting. A breath of fresh air.
    Kinda like the inspirational artist who created it! Onward!!

  7. Denise, your blog looks GREAT (love the background)! I didn't know that you also paint; I'll bet you know people who didn't know that you sew. How wonderful that you belong to a weekly circle of friends who paint. When we lived in southern California during the 80s, I also had a group of friends that met weekly. We did crafts and complete UFOs; I miss that group today.

  8. Very nice! Well done on your first ever blog:)
    I so wish I could do this but I just don't have the time. I love to paint and do pastels♥

  9. This is great, Denise. And I learned a new side of you!!

  10. Wonderful! And what a fun new bit to learn about you.

  11. Denise, You are amazing. Bravo for doing this. I look forward to more.

  12. How lucky for you that you are surrounded by such inspiration! Congratulations on your first post! The blog looks great.


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