Sunday, December 31, 2000

A Day in Logrono Spain

You would think we'd get tired of looking at old buildings...but no! Each town & village has something new to offer us in sights. Here is a few more in Logrono, which is the capitol of the La Roija district of northern Spain.

Entering the old streets of Logrono.

I was impressed with how they have incorporated the new while respecting their history and keeping the old. This new wall was a great example in front of older buildings.

Or...this old wall left up in front of new buildings.

This is the lovely river that ran through town, with beautiful parks and walkways all along it's edges.

Peeking through the old bridge....

...a full view of the old stone bridge.

We've gotten pretty good with the self timer on our camera...that explains why all the pictures of us look the same! I only have 10 seconds to run in before the shot snaps!

For two people who aren't particularly religious...we love old churches! We were very disappointed this one was closed and we couldn't tour inside... looked so spectacular from all points in the city!

These English bikers we're doing the pilgrimage I spoke of earlier on their bikes...we wished them well as they rode past the church.

These were really cool stone dice...another example of new with the old.

There was a beautiful flower garden & park in the middle of town...

The roses were gorgeous and so well kept!

And Barcelona on his horse at the center of the garden.

Even the graffiti was cool...very Banksy style.

We saw this face in several places throughout our walk.

Just a couple of kitty buddies along the way to say hi and remind us of our kitty at home, Paint.

Another great day of taking in the sights...thanks Honey!

We'll be packing up tonight and off to Barcelona in the morning. Only a few more days and we'll be homeward bound...and looking forward to it.

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