Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dreaming of Christmas...already!

I just realized...
I'm actually running very late with getting my act together for Christmas 

...and my Leaping Lotus retail space beautified and filled up with goodies for Holiday giving and enjoying!  YIKES!  
So...Lucinda and I took a little shopping trip to LA ... and once we decided on a color palatte it became much easier...but still alot ahead to pull it together in time !

Sage Green • Aqua • Cream • Brown • Silver • Gold

Then I started looking for a little inspiration
and found some in... 

in their guest blogger series from last year.

I guess I just love simplicity in a  Holiday statement with beautiful things that whisper the joys of Christmas.

I found more in a blog by Alice...
Searching for Style

And then some ideas for my Leaping Lotus space...
The Holidays Get a European Touch

I know this is just the beggining of wonderful ideas and Christmas visions that will be dancing in our heads in the coming months.

Here are a few more I found on Etsy to share in a treasury...
White Christmas Bulbs

Handmade Christmas

Paper Baubles

Modern Rustic Garland
click on links and be delivered to the treasury

Thats it for now...I gotta get back to work...
as always...

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  1. This color scheme is fabulous! (Reminds me of pears, pines, and vanilla: soft and calm, but still seasonal.)


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