Saturday, December 17, 2011

Burl Wood Faux...

In between all the holiday creating...
I had to make some time to work!


Good for me I like what I do
Faux Finishes and Murals

Anyway...I broke away to do a faux finish in an already beautiful kitchen ( sorry, no photos of that) along with turning a white plaster fireplace into a rich addition to my clients very formal living room.



I started by painting out the white plaster with a base color that was in already existing wood pieces in the 
living room.

Then took advantage of a curved inset by painting a burl wood clients brilliant's just the detail that was needed.

The rest was done in a simple wood stria with subtle wood patterns throughout...and a fresh coat of high temp black paint on the firebox surround.

Not such a great photo...but you get the idea of how it transformed the room.  They needed to wait a few days to put their beautiful holiday decor back up on the mantle...therefor I have no completed finish shots...the story of my painting life...usually too busy to go back for those ever important and visual photographs.

Trust me is a beautiful room with things collected all through their travels in Europe and the was a pleasure painting and being in their home.

We are ordering a wood onlay to apply to the front of the fireplace after the holidays, much like the fireplace I did below for another client.  It's a wonderful addition of a 
hand carved detail.

I love doing fireplaces...just the right size to keep it interesting!

Enjoy your day...

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