Thursday, December 8, 2011

Inspiration crush...

I found something...
(rather it was found by another and brought to my attention)
...and I just have to share again in return.

Most mornings I get my cup of coffee and head off to my computer to check emails, my Etsy shops, bank accounts and all that is busyness.  Once that's all out of the way... I settle in to browse through my favorite blogs ...looking to see what others are up to, what's inspiring them and be inspired myself along the way.

This morning I got a full dose 
inspiration • imagination • artistry 

Amy's blog Playing Sublimely shared this link of beautiful photographs this morning and I wanted to continue passing it along as it has so many wonderful images to share.  So if you have a minute (or two) & if your visual like I am...get your coffee or tea and enjoy the scenery. 

Colors I LOVE...

Great Vintage finds...

Nice RELAXED it !

Who can resist a cute photos of children ?

Add a dash of Holiday cheer...

(couldn't resist this great Christmas photo of James Taylor)

There you have it...a peek into my morning gets my day started off in the right direction and I'm ready to create!

I hope you too can find a few moments to seek out some visual pleasures of your own...and pass them on.

Enjoy your own it !

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