Sunday, February 19, 2012

A woman of few words...

For those of you who know me...

You know I can be a woman of few words when I get lost in my creative realm. Often times going for days without making outside contact with the world, working all day in silence...not even music in the background...thinking all the while...I should listen to more music and make outside contact with the world.  

It seems to be my process & who I why question it?

Though I do...question it...on a regular basis.  Then I start getting bogged down with questions of why I do or don't do things a certain way, how I could do it different...self doubt starts to creep in...and before you know it...BLOCKAGE!!!

My remedy...

...make something, create something, put something together, plan something, paint something, sew something...DO SOMETHING!  Get out of your head and start  moving your hands and before I know it I'm back into my imaginative, expressive, inspired, artistic world once again... comfort zone.

 A little vintage dresser I painted this last Monday,  sitting on the dinning room floor while it was rainy & chilly outside...a perfect day.

This little dresser was dragged in off the street by a kindly friend (thank you Cindy) and I gave it a new face and now it sits and waits to go to a new home.

I love the added touch of painting the inside of the drawers an unexpected color.

Two piece hutch I painted with stencil details over seaglass green & found a new home right away while sitting in the front entrance at Leaping Lotus.

...and you may remember this one form a previous post.  A very nice vintage maple dresser I painted using Chalk Paint (of course).  It made it's way into the room of a teenager and now we're searching out a desk & bookcase to paint to complete her very hip & vintage room.

It's another rainy day here in Southern California...a great day for staying in and making something...maybe I'll mix it up and turn on some music!

Enjoy your Sunday

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  1. Wow! looks like spring has sprung at Leaping Lotus! Beautiful things.


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