Sunday, June 17, 2012

Simple Alterations...

First off...
I hope you enjoy and are inspired by my simple make over projects.
I know some are tired of hearing about Chalk Paint...
though it really has made painting furniture  pure JOY for me!
I mean...I already loved painting...but hated the prep 
and would drag my feet until I got to the good part... 
color and design.

Now I can dive right in and play!

Here are a few quick project I did this week 
in between working on the 6'x6' armoire 
I mentioned in my last post + will share the with you in the next post.

Telephone/Gossip Chair
I picked up this cute little chair at
the Vintage Marketplace Event a few weeks ago.
It needed simple frame repair and I switched out the seat for a 
floral bucket I had on hand. 

Now it can be used to hold flowers, collect shoes at the door, magazines...
I'll leave that for the new home to figure out.
Old White Chalk Paint + a latex green I had on hand + leaf pattern stencil 

not all furniture adoptions have to include 
a complete make over.

I picked up a few chipped chairs 
while Craigslist shopping with my friend Vickie.
This one got a coat of Clear Soft Wax and new seat cover...
the original chipping was just too good to fool with!

Another Chippy Chair

too cool to fool with!
Though I did re glue all the joints 
enhanced it with soft wax colored with a little Duck Egg Blue
(my absolute favorite)
that really softened it and made this little throw away
so romantical. 

Then a Craigslist alert came in from Vickie 
 she emailed me..."check out this listing for $15."
I did + I bought + I painted + filled with geraniums
for a Fathers Day gift to my friend & wonderful father figure,
 Virgil Cook

 It's a vintage tool caddy...
he's a (dare I say vintage) tool guy.
Hope he likes it!

Happy painting,
Happy Fathers Day,
Just be happy!


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