Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tic, tic, tic, ticking...

There's nothing like a clean crisp stripe...
 even better when it's got a timeless vintage touch...and ticking fabric offers both.  
I see many items with this little beauty added in, 
whether it be one stripe or a continuing pattern with many repeats. 
It can look cottage, french country, shabby chic or sophisticated...
a classic that fits into many decor styles,
 from such humble & utilitarian beginnings!

Vintage Ticking

  • Vintage ticking fabric is woven tighter than modern day ticking. Vintage ticking was used to hold the feathers of old mattresses and pillows. It was important to individuals who slept on feather mattresses and pillows that the feathers did not poke them through the fabric. It was also important to keep as many feathers in the mattresses and pillows as possible. The very tight woven vintage ticking provided both qualities.

pillows in every shape and size

a welcoming mat
napkin holders

classic handbag

a comfy upholstered club chair

and my personal favorite...
painted furniture

I found and saved these in Pinterest on one of my boards dedicated to furniture...
  I know we can all get lost for hours in all the pretty pictures there
it's the best when looking for and saving inspirations. 

I've shared this dresser I painted for a client in an earlier post
Where the Wild Things Are

Last week I painted a few chairs large & small,
a bench and a reclaimed print I found at several of my local 
consignment stores...and branded that classic ticking stripe on them all!

This was a very DULL little print in an equally dull frame.
I lightened up the frame, the background stripe & flure de lis pattern with ASCP...
and left the roses to take center stage.

They then made there way down to my space at Leaping Lotus

Which is getting a little tight as I've scaled down to only one space from two

Though I'm pretty amazed that I got so much in and was able to show six vignettes...and it's still shoppable!

I love my spot there
love finding and painting pieces to add in
love putting it all together and making it pretty
love when someone finds a piece they love to take home...

It's all good

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  1. Love the post, and especially love that handbag! lol.




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