Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Leaping Lotus...where we've been...

Seems like things move slow sometimes...
thank goodness for my iPhoto archives!

As I was looking through my iPhoto gallery recently...
(looking for a particular item I know I shot photos of)
I got a glimpse of some of the creative things I worked on 
this last year for my shop in 
it really put things in perspective for me!

Keep your eye on the big picture Denise!

As I glanced around each of these  photos I realized...
most of these items I put in my shop 
have been purchased and made their way to new homes!

A few have moved over to my Urban Barn shop...
but for the most part...SOLD!

It's a new year...time to think outside the box
and get a clear picture of how I'd like the future 
of CerroHome to look...
what works and what I can leave behind...
what tickles me and what drags me down.

Though in this moment...
it feels good to see the progress I made in the last year!
I never did find that one item I was looking for in iPhoto,
distractions can be good!

Onward & Upward!

Hope you'll stick around to see what's next!


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