Monday, March 11, 2013

Why do I love what I do?

There are so many reasons to love what I do...

...but let's just focus on one...


But not just any shopping,
it's so much more than that!
I love rummaging, scavenging, thrifting, sifting through...
and finding treasures at a great price!
The San Diego Union Tribune even caught me red handed
above, with my basket full of finds.

San Diego's largest rummage sale offered me the opportunity 
to enjoy and do just that yesterday.
Put on by the Thursday Club of Balboa Park
it was their 86th annual rummage sale. 
Read the article on this annual rummage sale HERE.

Let the rummaging commence!

We started out by waiting in line from 6:15 in the morning
until the doors opened at 9:00.
You can see how many people were ready to shop 
this amazingly well organized and run rummage sale.
Everything was categorized and priced,
which had to be a huge undertaking for these volunteers.

Some of the goodies I walked out with at such fantastically low prices.  
I had to make two trips to my car just so my arms wouldn't give out!

Lots of sheet music song books,
could be decoupaged onto furniture

Many, many pieces of silver

Artwork and frames for the walls,
and many vintage doilies for a table runner I'm making

Did I mention silverware...
along with vintage hankies & linens

I even found an 1998 furniture painting book by
Annie Sloan of Chalk Paint fame...
obviously she was well know before this wonderful paint showed up!

A cool vintage 3 hole punch...just had to have it!
It was only .50 cents

So many beautiful plates to be had!

Add into the mix a couple of bundles of silk cherry blossoms
to use for spring trim in my shops

And the prices were amazingly cheap, cheap, cheap!

Now for a little 
polishing + cleaning  + repurposing
and I'll get them into both my shops
and on their way to new homes!


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  1. Hey, great to see you "at work"...As for me, after reading this, I just had to take a nap. Go it for all of us.


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