Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hideaway Beach

We turned our snorkel gear in on Thursday after the weather man said it would be raining the rest of the week...only to wake up to a beautiful Friday...I hate it when that happens!

So after enjoying a quiet breakfast on the lanai...we contemplated our day and headed off for a walk.

We came across Hideaway Beach...wayyyy down there!

It was too beautiful not to investigate...

...even if it meant making it down this very steep, slippery, narrow....did I say steep...rustic clay stairway.

As we made our way down this was our view...incredible! We saw sea turtles down there!

Can you see this very large school of fish?

We both decided we needed our snorkel gear back... headed back up that "even steeper going up" stairway to get one more snorkel session in!

That is after Jimmy catches his breath!

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Location:Princeville, Kauai

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