Friday, April 25, 2014

Life of a stencil...

 is my go to stencil resource.

 because they have a wonderful selection of stencils

They're local here in San Diego and close enough to get to 
when I need a stencil right away.

Which was the case this last week
when my client didn't get back to me with 
a stencil selection,
with only two days before I was to do her daughters room! 

Peyton is three now...
I painted her very first room in 2011,
before she even was born.

I did the ribbon around her name and the scalloped edging around the room.


Peyton's family is in a new house now...and she IS growing up...
so she needs a more grown up look!

Not to worry that time was running out...
we made the selection online,
and my sweetheart Jim
stopped by and picked up the stencil at Royal Design,
so I could do this wall for Peyton's new room.

It turned out just right to do only one wall, and the grey and pink are perfect
for this little princess.

But this stencil was not done yet!

The next day, while adding the final touches to this custom made vanity...
I looked over and noticed Peyton's stencil laying on my work bench.

I turned it side ways and it became the front pattern on this piece,
which is now finished and headed off to my shop today.

I've also been wanting to antique a mirror...
this vanity top was the perfect opportunity.
I pulled up a HGTV DIY site
and there you have it...
antiqued mirror...
Love it!

I'm very happy with how this turned out...
off to my Cerro Home shop inside The Urban Barn it goes today.

I'm sure this stencil has one or more 
good uses in it...
to be continued!


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