Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Little Hanky History...

As some of you may already know...

I am pretty much in love with vintage hankies!
I really can't explain it...but I  have to?

In my first little grouping of vintage linens my Grandmother gave me...
I was especially fond of the hankies.

This may seem odd to those of you who know me...
doesn't seem to be the sweet, genteel subject matter that would interest me...
though it's true... I am smitten with these little pieces of linen.

It went from my little hanky collection from Nonna...
to about 400 hankies in no time...thanks to Ebay!

This is my latest Ebay purchase yesterday 7/10/15.

So now what?
I have all these hankies...what to do?

So I started making pillows with the more decorative hankies, the collector hankies.
(yes there are collector hankies, and they are pricey)!

I did quite well with them on two One Kings Lane sales online
in their Vintage Market Place...
and in my vintage shops.

A lot goes into getting hankies ready to move onto a new home,
(otherwise known as reselling them).

I have a special concoction for cleaning them 
and removing all (most) of the age marks.
Sometimes making them look brand new...
whoops...not what I'm looking for in a vintage hanky!

Rinsing them all out thoroughly, as soap left in will damage the fibers.

Rack drying them in the sun.

I love this part...
pressing them & sorting them into groups.
Sometimes my darling daughter in law Lucinda helps me with the pressing and sorting...
she's smitten too.

And then I get busy photographing them for my Etsy shop.
I've had many backgrounds and lay outs for my hanky shots...

...and this is my most recent and favorite photo set up.
An old door I have on my carport works really well,
and I love how it shows my hankies.

Once I have all that done...then it's the busy work of listing them into my Etsy shop.
My least favorite part, as it has me sitting
 in front of my computer for hours taking care of business!

Once I get into the groove though, even this is kinda fun...
especially seeing all the new product show up on my pages.

I have learned with Etsy...and am still learning...
that you have to work it to make it work!

Like most things in life...
what you give your attention to... keeps showing up!

So do what you love, and think the good thoughts!



  1. Hi Denise - I was just out here surfing and stumbled upon your blog it....and, said, "I think I bought some hankies from this lady. So I went to your Etsy Shop and sure enough - I bought the wonderful polka dotted hankies from you. I just love them. Thank you so much for offering them. I used the blue and red one in my 4th of July decorations this year. They are not dresses - YET.

    1. Hi Muriel...
      So happy to see you here...and to know you enjoyed the polka dot hankies! It's easy to get lost surfing the net for hankies...glad you stumbled onto my post too. I'm doing my best to spend a little time each day on my Etsy shop...and having fun doing it. No matter what else I'm up to in business...I always love coming back to these little hankies!


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