Thursday, April 7, 2016

Beach colors...

I'd been looking froward to this project...
a client who is taking on the beach atmosphere in her
Crown Point home...
surrounded on three sides by water!

I painted 5 pieces of furniture to update the style
from their last Mediterranean style home in San Diego east county,
to better reflect their current home near the beach in 
Crown Point, San Diego.

The three pieces in the living area were sturdy pieces that were
too nice and functional to replace...just needed a little color lift.
Cabinet from black to driftwood.

Entry table from black to 
Beach Glass.

Wood table base to Beach Glass.

American Paint Company
Beach Glass

Though my favorite project in the home was the bedroom, 
which already had a few hints and inspirations of beach life 
(like the sail boat painting below).

Though the antique furniture just wasn't feelin' it yet!

This beautiful oak wash basin is a family hand me down...
though while it's in beautiful shape,
it'll be enjoyed much more with a coat of beach paint!

Believe it to not...
I used the new chalk style paint from Michael's Craft Store...
...a mix of Simply White and Seafoam.

I loved the smooth and creamy texture and how nicely 
it brushed on...and it looks beautiful!
I've been using chalk type paints for over 5 years now,
tried many brands...and spent lots of money 
on the high prices of those brands.
I've also learned to make my own chalk paint and 
have been pretty happy with those results too.

Though now...
Michael's (right across the street from me) is selling it,
not only for less money than most brands...
but with a 40% coupon it's even better...BEST!

Small print...
This is my own opinion, 
I'm not being paid by Michael's to promote their paint products!

Anyway...back to beach furniture...

The carving on the wash stand is perfect for 
letting the details show through the paint.

The opening in the bottom of the wash basin 
would be perfect to slide a basket into.

There is a mirror that attaches to the top
(sitting here on the floor)
though it was just a little too wet to 
put it back on.

Another inspiration piece for the room...
quilted bedding with colorful sand dollars
scattered on it.

I almost hated to paint this trunk...
though once again, it'll be enjoyed so much more
with a little color lift
(even if the color is Simply White).

I have to share the label that is still stapled inside the chest...
I love that it says the cedar has been "scientifically handled"!

Simply White took this antique...
to the beach!

Of course I usually am off the job when the room gets put back together...
unfortunately I don't always have after photos of the room.
Trust me...
it's going to make you want to put on your 
flip flops and head on over to the beach!


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