Saturday, April 1, 2017

Who Inspires Me

Assemblage Greats: Greg Hanson

When I first got interested in assemblage, I went online to find out more.  
This led me to YouTube videos and discovering Greg Hanson, who has become my favorite assemblage/collage artist to watch.  

Greg Hanson, Collage Quilt
Greg Hanson, Patchwork Collage

He has an easy style, is very informative and so very generous with his art and technique. 
I’ve learned a lot from Greg and I wanted to share.

I love Greg's use of vintage everyday items. 
Like me, he mounts his components onto panels or sets them into frames or shallow boxes.

Greg Hanson, assemblageGreg Hanson, assemblageGreg Hanson, box assemblage

This great video of him working on the tiny box collages, shows how he constructs the shallow boxes, and his way of using alcohol inks to tint and age the papers.

Greg Hanson, box assemblageGreg Hanson, box assemblage

Things I learned from Greg:

• Using a Black & Decker small hand sander to distress assemblage elements… got it ✓

• Making my own alcohol dye… did it ✓

• Cutting my own glass for my pieces… learned that from Greg ✓

• Make copies of paper items rather than using the originals... getting better about this ✓

• Using silicone calk for adhesive… I use it sometimes ✓

Greg Hanson, box assemblage after Joseph Cornell

Greg Hanson, box assemblage after Joseph CornellGreg Hanson, box assemblage after Joseph Cornell

Greg is also influenced by the work of Joseph Cornell, one of the pioneers of assemblage art. 
Cornell is another of my favorite assemblage artists.  
I will share his work in another “Assemblage Greats” post… coming soon.

Check out this video of Greg making a Joseph Cornell style assemblage box. 
It's a great introduction to the work of Joseph Cornell, and a fun way to watch Greg do his thing.

Who inspires you in your creative work? 

Tell me about your art heroes in the comments!

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