Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Barn

New Work on Display!

As you may have noticed, the past few months of hard work in the studio has resulted in a lot of new artwork! 
I’m excited to invite all of my readers, friends, and dear ones to see my assemblage art in person! 

Denise Cerro Studio booth

I have a booth at The Barn, an outdoor vintage marketplace, this Memorial Day weekend in Julian, CA. 

Take a weekend road trip to breathe the fresh country air, chow down on the famous apple pie, and stroll through the market of great vintage wares and artwork. 

The Barn is one of the best vintage markets in the region, and is definitely worth the drive, especially if you love all things vintage, like I do. I'm lucky and honored to have a space in this market: booths are highly coveted and hard to come by. I'm fortunate to have this opportunity to show my work in such a sought-after venue.

Inside Denise Cerro's market booth

I will be there on Saturday and Sunday from 9am- 4pm, and I would love to see some familiar faces! Stop by for a chat and a chance to take a closer look at my art. 

Only in person can you really get up close enough to see all the tiny details: 

miniature animals, 
unique postage stamps, 
hidden words and phrases, 
tiny shells and jewels, 
and of course, 
all the yummy textures and brushstrokes.

Here are a few of my favorite recent pieces.

Denise Cerro collage "Otherness"
My newest addition, collages. Sometimes the words and pictures just seem to find each other. 

Denise Cerro hanging collage
Hanging collages, with jeweled chains. Use as an ornament, a door sign, or wall art.

Denise Cerro mini assemblages with dolls
Mini assemblages. Some of these are made from card catalog drawers! 
I collect these antique porcelain dolls wherever I can find them. 
Salt and pepper shaker tops form the crowns they wear.

Denise Cerro assemblage with shells
Nature’s curiosities are always a favorite subject. 
This wall assemblage features a number of seashells and vintage shell buckles. 

Denise Cerro assemblage with leaves
Autumn colors, tiny globes, and a mini china dog adorn this two-panel piece.

Denise Cerro assemblage with register drawer
This is my homage to assemblage great, Joseph Cornell. It’s a register drawer menagerie filled with birds and insects.

Denise Cerro "Born a Queen" assemblage
This “Born a Queen” shadowbox features a porcelain doll head wearing a salt shaker crown, and an antique compass and watch face. Royal accoutrements are layered around the frame.

Denise Cerro assemblage with heart bottle
This heart shaped bottle hangs freely in its small box of contentment.

Denise Cerro mini Altoid assemblages
I have more Altoid tin mini’s too! These tiny assemblages have chain hangers, and make great ornaments or gifts.

To see all these pieces up close, visit my booth at The Barn this weekend. This chance won't come again for a while. 

Denise Cerro inside her market booth

I’ll be enjoying the holiday weekend, soaking up the crisp mountain sun. 
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Denise Cerro Studio booth sign

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