Saturday, September 14, 2019

My Favorite Mixed Media Tools...

Art Is Fun

Working in Mixed Media Art makes art fun for me!

You can play and explore with so many different elements and's kinda endless the combinations you can come up with.  Works on canvas (or many different substrates) that combines paint, ink, and collage could properly be called  "mixed media".  

The upcoming show at Ashton Gallery is titled "All Mixed Up" 
and it's all about mixed media. 
I may have mentioned I'm the featured artist for this show, although there are many 
San Diego artists who have entered their mixed media pieces into the show as well.

So in keeping with the theme, I thought I would share a few of my favorite tools 
and a few elements I use in my mixed media pieces.

This is the perfect pencil for those fine lines in your finish can also blur those lines by adding water to them...these are sharp and water soluble.

Silicone Color Shapers by Professional Artists Brushes

There are so many uses for this tool...putting paint on, moving it around, gluing down papers, making marks...and best of all...
if paint dries on it its easy to clean with soap and water!

A coloured pencil, a watercolour and wax crayon all in one.
Great for final marks, or to sketch out an idea that you can erase with water 
if you're not liking it.

My very favorite tool to finish my paintings off with.  Great color selection, they go on smoothly, the colors stay true and they add just the final kick I love.
Be sure to finish off  pastels with Krylon Workable Fixative Spray.

Zoie + Chloe Multi-Purpose Silicone Scraper 

Another all time favorite I'd be lost without!  Designed as a bowl scrapper for the kitchen, 
it's the best tool I know of for laying down papers, 
working out the bubbles and getting them really, 
smooth on your surface.

Gelli Printing Plate

For making your own printed, colorful papers...I can make months worth of papers in one mono printing session with this cool tool.

Faber-Castell Mixed Media Paper Stencils 10 Reusable Graphic Stencils

I use this set of stencils over and over again...they add a nice graphic touch to my paintings
whether with paint or texture paste.


Premium Patterned Paper Guest Towels/Large Napkins, Dotted and Striped

If you've been in one of my classes, or seen my art...
you know this is my absolute favorite go to napkin to add in.  

Krista makes really wonderful cyanotype papers and creates really beautiful art with them.
I like to purchase her scrap packs to add in some of her ephemera to my mixed media pieces...I never know what I'll get when I order a pack, 
but I'm always tickled when I receive them.

Believe it or not I keep my papers in order!  I use these zipper pouches to sort by color and style so it's much easier to find what I need...
then I slip the pouches into my larger portfolio case.

For a little texture I've been liking adding plaster know the stuff 
they make casts of.  Fun to work with and create nice textures.

For a smoother texture to work on, I've been loving Venetian plaster.  
I can add color to it and create layers of smooth texture to work on.

I like using this varnish to finish off my paintings.  
I use it over the Krylon Workable Fixative for my final finish.

These shop towels are ultra strong, durable and work well even when they're wet. 
I use them for scumbbling, clean up and on my paint palette to keep my paint wet.

Adjustable Cardboard Corner Protector

Whether storing or transporting your work...
its so worth it to go the extra mile and protect the corners.

So there you have it...
a little bit of what I use to make my mixed media fun for me.
Of course I could go on and on...
but I have a piece waiting on my easel I want to get back to
so I'll have to leave it there for now.

If you're out and about in San Diego next weekend,
mix it up and come join us at the show Saturday night...

Reception: Saturday, September 21st, 6pm–8pm
​Exhibit Dates: September 21st–October 12th
4434 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92116

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