Thursday, August 15, 2013

Researching my latest home project idea...

Painted sub floors!

I love them, want them, am going to do them!
At least in one room of our house!

I've always loved painted floors...
especially the ones at Leaping Lotus in Solana Beach,
where I've had four different spaces for my Cerro Home shops.
Each one I added stencils to the already painted plywood floors.

You can tell where my shops have been if you just look down
and see the signature stenciled floors!

My first space was only 3'x5' 
I started with just my decorative pillows made from vintage hankies.

When the furniture I put my pillows on starting selling I knew I needed a bigger I moved upstairs to the loft where I could spread out a bit.

The floors upstairs are all plywood sub floors that have been stained and top coated...they look so warm and interesting...and hold up really well to all the retail traffic that comes through...and that's alot of traffic!

My second space we simply painted a Royal Design large production stencil over the existing brown base color of the floor.
(that's my daughter in law Lucinda doing all the work while I take pictures).

We did this floor two years ago and it's really held up well to customer traffic.

In Cerro Home's third space I painted a carpet with a border and tassels...
loved this floor, hated to give it up and move, though it goes great with the new gals who just moved into the space.

My forth space I just repeated the pattern as the two spaces were side by side.

It was so quick and easy that I'm ready to pull up some carpet and do a room in our home.  It's the room that gets the most traffic, with people and pets in and out.  We put new carpet in when we moved in three years ago...light carpet was probably not the best choice. Then came JoJo...doing what dogs do...the carpet will never be the same!

I've been researching ideas and getting up the nerve (and energy)
to rip out the old, prepare the sub floor...
and start painting!

Apartment Therapy                                Five Islands

I better rest up!
I'll keep you posted!


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