Sunday, February 22, 2015

This week in paint...

 This week...
the third week of quick little paintings...
Fruit & Flower for February

I didn't find time to paint everyday, 
at least not a little painting.

I was out painting in a clients home too, that counts as painting...right?!
You can check that out HERE.

I did double up on a couple of days just to make my quota of 
7 little paintings.

This one was part of Daily Paint Works 
Valentines Day Challenge last week.
I chose origami swans, amongst pink floating flowers.
Check out the challenge HERE.

This one...I just liked the polka dots.

One of 4 / 4"x 4" little paintings I did to keep up my count.
This one an a burlap canvas.

I painted this while binge watching...
Orange is the New Black.

These next three are all on 4"x 4" black canvases.
I love these canvases and painted them all on Saturday morning...
it was so fun!

These strawberries I challenged myself and painted them in 15 minutes.

So there you have it...a week in paint.
At least a very small portion of my week.

I must feels good to live up to my commitment to myself
to do these little painting every day. 

They are piling up in my studio though!


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