Sunday, March 1, 2015

28 Daily Paintings for February

28 Painting...
February is a short month!

I'm feelin' good that I've completed 
two months of daily paintings!
If you're following my progress,
you'll remember this month I chose the theme of 
Fruit and Flower...
and here is this last weeks paintings to complete the month.

This painting was part of the Daily Paint Works weekly challenge.
This last week's challenge was
"Take a break from color".
I failed the challenge!
I did it in shades of gray as instructed...
and then got up the next morning and threw in a little color...
I had to!

These two little paintings were done on 4"x4" canvases...
the flower and water droplets on gessoed black canvas,
 the cantaloupe on raw linen.

This is an Amaryllis Jim's parents gave us at Christmas time...
beginning to open.

I was wanting to do this color combination, more than paint a rose.
The earlier "Take a Break from Color" challenge did stick with me all week...
and I was really liking the grey tones.

A quick little kiwi done early this morning.

my personal favorite of the week.
I had started out with a value study in grays
and planned on adding in a beautiful purple for the tulips.
once I laid in the green...
I was done, and really happy with this painting...
so I stopped!

That's it for the month of February.
These painting will be available for purchase soon on Etsy
It's a rainy day today, so I'll be working on getting taxes prepared...
though I'll be thinking of what's my next theme for March.



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