Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bottle Brush Tree

While walking my little dog the other morning
I came across this beautiful bottle brush tree in the neighborhood.

I had to break a few of the flowers off and give a shot at painting them.

I came home, put them in a vase, 
found some pretty green linen fabric to drape for the background...
and got out my brushes.

I love to use orange as my under wash,
as it looks so great when hints of it peek out in the 
finished painting.

The green in the photo is much brighter than the original painting...
but still works.

I become much more aware of my surroundings when 
I have painting on my mind...
everything starts to look like a painting!



  1. I love it, and also that you are painting what ever strikes your fancy! I see that you had fun with the negative spaces, too. ((-:

    1. Thanks Carole...I'm starting to see though that I need to step it up. Little daily paintings sometimes get in the way of doing paintings that take more time and patience...I'm headed there! :)


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