Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Still loving' the chalk...

I know...
chalk paint
chalk paint
   chalk paint...

you might get tired of hearing those words...
but never ever tired of painting with it!
And once you have, you can never go back!

Last week I used a little chalk paint magic on furniture pieces in 
my client (and new found friend) Lee's living room.

Both hold a lot of history for Lee...
she's lived in the house for 29 years, 
and this piece of furniture is one of the first real pieces of 
furniture she ever purchased.

They both needed a little brightening up 
to match Lee's new carefree persona,
 now that she's recently retired and 
following her passion as a full time writer.

Check out Lee's first book HERE...a wonderfully rich read!

back to chalk paint...

I love Annie Sloan Chalk is my favorite!

Though I often times like to mix my own colors or 
have paint on hand that is perfect for what I'm painting...
not to mention the cost of most chalk paints!

My "go to" is making my own.
Paint and a little calcium carbonate,
( 5lb bag for $11.99 on Amazon HERE...)
it goes a looonnnnggggg way!
Using the recipe above
 I mixed up colors for Lee's project...right there on the job.

I love the textured finish chalk paint can offer,
as seen here on the cabinet doors.
Transforming this very handsome cabinet to it's very pretty new life...
is that considered a furniture gender change?

Getting into all the curly cues with paint was meditative!
She's a beauty!

Now onto the fireplace.
It was time to LIGHTEN UP...
the brick!
First a little primer/stain killer,
I like ZinZar 1•2•3 water based primer.
The mantle and surround were painted with 
Behr Cotton Sheets,
a really soft white with the ever so slight
touch of pink.
(my new favorite white)
Several coats of simple white over the primed brick...
and mixing a little dark walnut wood stain into my poly acrylic top coat 
for a stria in-between the white detail on the surround
really helps make it stand out.
Lee helped me polish up the little brass details on the fireplace front 
and add them back in. 
We're not sure what they were originally for, they just look pretty...
fireplace jewelry!


And here we are...

Well almost...once the furniture goes back in 
it will be a charming room again...
only lighter and brighter.

One of the many reasons I love
chalk paint.

Thanks for the fun projects
and conversation Lee!



  1. You are amazing!!!!

    1. Thank you so amazes me I get to do what I love!

  2. Beautiful!! And, so calming, like a sweet lullaby!


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