Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Back to the blog...

That was a nice little holiday break!

I just noticed I've been away from the blog scene since 
Rather than play catch up...I'll just pick up and move on!

This was a project I just finished up this week.
With 15 hours and $205. from Ikea...
I set up the NRB Showroom at the LA Gift Mart.

Let me first say...
I love Visual's somehow in my blood! 
A little stroll down memory lane...

I was 19 years old and got my first job in Display at 
Buffums Department Store in downtown Long Beach, CA.

Though not in the vintage age of this photo!  I'm not quite that old!

I worked at several Buffums stores...
always in Display, which later became known as 
Visual Presentation & Merchandising.

 I moved almost every large (and a few small) retailers in Southern California.
I Magnin Beverly Hills •  May Co •  Bullocks 
to name only a few.

My visual eye shows up in most things I do...
whether it be painting, setting up my own shops and markets today 
or just everyday life and the way objects fit together that is pleasing to my eye.

Back to my post...
So this week I set up a showroom for a client who imports furniture 
for large discount retailers like Ross and Marshall's.
A container of furniture was just delivered to her new showroom at the LA Gift Mart...
so my client, Nicole, called me in to get it together!


Getting started by pulling groups together and 
adding decals to the walls all the way around the showroom
and on the glass doors...
name recognition and branding.

Then off to Ikea to get some fluff 
(decorative accessories)
to enhance the furniture...on a budget!

I spent a total of $45. and got 11 pieces of wall decor!

These framed chair prints were on sale for $4.99 each!

One of my favorite go to wall elements are these little framed mirrors
for $1.99 each!  
You can do some really fun wall collages with them, 
though here I just lined them up 
and used the white framed mirrors floating around 
randomly in the rest of the showroom.

The little rolling rack was only &12. and great for hanging fabric samples.


With four $19. rugs scattered around, a few decorative baskets and balls here and there...
it all came together!
Clean and simple with the furniture and lamps taking center stage...
as they should.

Thank you Nicole for another fun project
much sucess in your new space at the Gift Mart!


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