Thursday, October 29, 2015

Studio Update

Stu, Stu, Studio...

I teased you with a Facebook photo last week of 
how messy  I let my workshop get!
then I proceeded to tear it up, paint it up and clean it up!!!

Now...I'm ready to share my new STUDIO space with you.

let me introduce you to the space as I found it 
six years ago when we first bought our place.

Pretty basic guys workshop, only about a 10'x11' space.

I've been wanting lately to create a studio space for oil painting,
as well as small furniture pieces and other creative projects on my mind.


So...I tore it all apart, got rid of things I don't use anymore 
and painted the walls, trim, cabinets and ceiling.
(the ceiling was a killer)

And here's where I ended up.
Surfaces I can actually use, everything in its place, nice outside surroundings
 and a quiet space for me to go and 
hang with my creative thoughts...and maybe some coffee.

The burlap curtain below my desk hides more paints and supplies.

All the most used tools are organized on peg board and on the work bench...
I love having my paper cutter ready to use at any given moment.

Sprinkled about is some favorite art, sample boards and little things 
that make me happy to look at and be inspired by.

A good spot for painting reference books, canvases and more 
stuff that makes me happy...all neatly on shelves.

Brushes all have a spot to be together.

My friend Sharon suggested hanging some of my small
chair collection around the window above my desk...
thank you Sharon...I LOVE that idea!

Then to finish it off...
A painted a rug on the floor to cover up all my previous paint drips.
Knowing there's going to be more paint drips in the future...
I used a couple of old stencils, mixed them about and 
didn't get too serious about the floor.
I just wanted a fresh start.

And now...
I have a perfect place to paint 
with wonderful north eastern light,
and all my stuff around me...

I'm A Happy Painter

Have you created a space of your own?



  1. I'm shielding my eyes from the blazing glory of your vision!!! What a transformation...! You have to be so proud of your self!!! xoxo

    1. Thank you Carole! I stood in there today and finished my two jar paintings from Tuesday...felt pretty good! Looking forward to Maggie Siner! :)

  2. I am so Impressed!!

    1. Thank you Sherry! BTW...that's your frame sitting on the chair :)


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