Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lots of Project Photos...

Fun, fun, fun project for me!
a happy, happy, happy client!

She left the front door open, a check in my hand...
free rein to do as I wanted in her darling 1 bedroom beach home...
while she left town for two weeks!

How lucky am I?

With little time (and a modest budget) I was challenged to 
bring some color into my clients least into her home!

Here are some before and after photos with 
a few explanations of what the heck I had going on.

Her small efficiency kitchen just needed a few touches...

...easy enough to do pulling inspiration from her artwork and her joy of color.
The clocks were added so she could easily keep track of London time, 
where her much loved family lives.

Below is a view looking into the kitchen from the living room and 
the hallway into the bedroom & bath.


It just needed a few accessories...
like blue metal barstools, a colorful rug in the open hallway...

 and a family photo gallery on the walls.

The living room has amazing ocean views, though no color inside.
The niche above the couch became more of a focal paint with a little 
color wash, an added stenciled border and supporting accessories 
to the original piece of art in the center.

Below you can see how simple and plain the room started out.
And while I love the bare concrete definitely needed some warming up!

I found the prefect, large square rugs from Ikea, 
lots of pillows (a great cheap and cheerful way to add color) 
and a few special lighting tricks...

...added and rearranged existing art...

...recovered the existing dining chairs 
 added a blue hand painted library table with matching baskets underneath
to hold all things inspirational to my client...
including a very cool framed magnet board I found at HomeGoods that simply states...
Make Today Amazing!

I also painted that massive coffee table turquoise...
it had great bones...just a dull color.

Living room...

A magical little reading corner below, with ocean views...
bee lights worked into the window treatment was the prefect mood setting addition.

With more touches here and there...

including lamps flanking the sofa...made from a globe.

The bedroom was simple and restful...

It just needed the bed angled a bit more to enjoy the ocean view, 
a window treatment with more mood setting bee lights 
and a rug to add color to the floor. 

The special finishing touch...
the bathroom was done around a 
favorite photograph of a humming bird in flight,
photo taken by my clients friend.
I had the photo blown up and stretched onto a frame
(really reasonable price at Costco).

...I color washed the walls, added matching towels and a few accessories...
all inspired by this little humming bird print.

I really enjoyed this project...too fun to call work!

My years of Visual Presentation & Display experience...
a really good eye for color and pulling it all together...
not to mention on a shoestring budget
(3300. in this case, including my time and painting)...
they all come in handy!

I love what I get to do for a living!

If you or anyone you know needs a decorating hand & eye...
please share my info with them.


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