Saturday, December 3, 2016

Junkology 101

…the place to find the one-of-a-kind vintage treasures 

featured in my assemblage art.

As we treasure hunters know, flea markets are one of the best sources for vintage goods of all stripes. 
One of my new faves in Southern California, is Driving Miz Daisy.

Driving Miz Daisy Mission Viejo flea market
If you love vintage campers and bargains on the best vintage finds, 
you've got to check out Driving Miz Daisy! 

This huge flea market is held in Mission Viejo on the second Sunday of every month. 
Shelly and Char are the gals who make it happen, and you can find them in their vintage trailer at the market, 
in a long row of restored campers that vendors convert into little shops for this event. 
You wouldn't believe how beautifully they are decorated! 

(Psst… Did I mention that I have a restored Teardrop Trailer of my own? 
Her name is Sally. We'll talk more about her in another post!)

Business card for Junkology 101

One of my favorite vendors of great vintage odds & ends is Kip, at Junkology 101. 
His booth is located on the end of the second row, closest to the parking lot 
(convenient if you end up with a sizable haul!)

Every time I've shopped this market, I've scored with Junkology's primo selection of authentic, unaltered vintage goods. 
Kip's shop is always clean, well-organized, and so much fun to rummage through. 
If that wasn't enough, Kip's prices are reasonable, and he is really nice and fun to chat with!

A collection of items bought from Junkology 101
This collection was everything I got from Kip on my November 13th visit: 
very cool stamps from a printer's shop, a #3 crank key, and a cool red enameled metal box.

Of course, I always appreciate the little things, which make perfect elements for assemblage art: 
hand tools and hardware, 
toys and game pieces, 
old printing blocks, 
and general curiosities.

An assortment of vintage adds & ends from the flea market.
Another assortment of flea market treasures, including stamps, gears, dominos and rulers from Junkology 101.

Take a look at a few of the assemblages I've created with my loot from Junkology 101!

You can also see more on my website and my Etsy Shop.

"The Politician" assemblage art by Denise Cerro
"The Politician"
"The Queen"
"Childhood & Youth"

If you go to the Driving Miz Daisy market, look for the Junkology 101 booth, 

and see what Kip has to offer. 

You'll find it hard to walk away empty-handed!

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