Saturday, December 10, 2016

Focal Point

Sometimes it's finding a unique item that inspires me to start assembling a piece.

In this case… a pair of antique opera glasses I found at a vintage market.

1950's aqua lucite lorgnette, open
A relic from the past, this 1950's lucite lorgnette is a rare find. 

1950's aqua lucite lorgnette, folded

They fold up to hang around your neck.

1950's aqua lucite lorgnette, closed

Perfect size, perfect color…

the focal point for a new assemblage piece.

"The Eyes are Useful… When the Mind is Blind"

lorgnette (/lɔːˈnjɛt/) is a pair of spectacles with a handle.
The lorgnette was usually used as a piece of jewelry, rather than to enhance vision. 
Fashionable ladies preferred them to spectacles. 
These were very popular at masquerade parties and used often at the opera 
(becoming the model for today's opera glasses). 
They were worn popularly in the 19th century.

Antique lorgnette

Antique lorgnette

Antique lorgnette

Some treasures are hard to sacrifice to the assemblage…

but I really don't find myself at the opera very often!

It's worth it.

Assemblage art by Denise Cerro

Assemblage art by Denise Cerro

Do you have any beautiful objects around the house 
that you never use, but can't seem to part with?

Consider turning them into a work of art, and enjoy them every day!

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