Thursday, April 14, 2011

Salvage Painting

Like many of us I'm sure...I love home magazines!  Especially issues that are full of ideas and instructions on how to do it yourself...DIY!  There are several I really enjoy...My Home, Fresh Home, Decorating ideas...and so many more.  I really love Better Homes and Garden "do it yourself".

I just got the summer issue and found a great idea on salvaging paintings.  As an artist I have many, many paintings that are either not frameable, they're paintings I did early on when I first started oil painting...or I'm just tired of them!  I'm sure many artists have that collection !  They could even be paintings from a thrift just need a painting your not afraid to play with.  And we do need to play more with our art...and not always take it so seriously !

So here's the idea from Michele Beschen at DIY...

Take one of your old paintings, or pick one up at a garage sale.  This is one I did eight or so years ago in a painting the way...the same group of wonderful artists I paint with today.

And then ... have FUN and enjoy the process !!!

I got rid of the eggplant, changed the cabbage color, added a few grapes escaping off the table and then was inspired by the color orange one of my painting buddies was applying on her canvas.  
From there, the colorful fun began.
The best part is I wasn't attached to the finished painting since it was a reject anyway.  Now I love it and it will most likely show up in my Etsy store...

Another DYI...if you don't want to hang your painting when your done, why not do several in the same color palette, varnish them...and use them for place mats for a truly artistic dinner table...or a serving tray...or coasters...or share your ideas on salvaging paintings.  I mean...who really wants to toss out a good canvas !

Share your salvaged painting ideas and I'll post them here with your link.
Most of all...Have Fun !!!
PS...check out the "Be Still Life"  treasury to the right for some nice still life paintings from other etsy sellers.


  1. Denise, that really is a great idea and I love what you did with it!

  2. Wow! What a difference, before and after! So, what have you decided to do with the painting? Leave it as a painting, varnish as a place mat, or ?

  3. Thank yo Julie & was really fun ! I think I may list this one to sell, though I'm going to junk yard shop for a set to paint as place mats...I love that idea !

  4. Denise , wow what a dramatic change, loved both paintings, but the new verison realyyt bursts with colors. I really appericiate the tip, because i too have many painting sitting around that could use some spurcing up.


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