Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Studio Nesting #2

I'm a little behind on my posts...it's been a busy week !  I have a few projects going on and having my studio/office space in order is priority to make my work days move along as smoothly as possible.  Too many things sitting around in disarray distract me and keep me from the project at hand !  Though trust me, there are those days when I love, love, love being in the middle of a creative mess !

In my last post I mentioned my office is now in my armiore, and here it is...before and after...

This was my office when I had a room to dedicate to only me and all my office goodies, and of course the more space the more goodies I collected for my office !

Then we moved and there wasn't an extra room for my office and my "stuff"...but I did have this lovely armiore !  I love this piece and it's served as many things...art storage, TV & media center and just a nice piece to have around...it makes a great statement at 9' tall.  So now add to that list ...Home Office.

I've taken over half the main room in our home for my office/studio, and my armiore office separates studio from living space.  I open it up and there's my office, and it's amazing how I can do without all the "stuff" I had in my office before.   It's also amazing how supportive my guy is to me being right in the middle of everything...he is a "less is best" kinda man! 

 My computer and an extra monitor fit in nicely and I added a pull out shelf to accommodate my keyboard and mouse.

 I was able to fit a two drawer file cabinet in one of the cubbies, my printer, and plenty of storage drawers for all the office must haves.  I hang my paint aprons on the inside of the door
and pull over a stool from my work table to sit on and I'm set...I'm actually sitting here right now typing out this post !

The best part...I can close it all up and forget it's even there !  Back to a living space that I can invite a friend into for a visit, leaf through a magazine, watch TV...or just enjoy my morning coffee on a quiet morning as the light seeps in...like this morning.

Here are a few items included in a Office Nesting treasury I put together with fun and useful office supplies I found on Etsy.

Next post in Studio Nesting is what to do with all these paintings sitting on the floor while waiting to be listed and sold...

I enjoy and am inspired by your comments.  Many of us are working at home more and more, for many different reasons, and looking for ways to create our own great working environmentPlease share some of your ideas of how you make working at home work for you.  

Happy nesting...


  1. Wonderful office! everything you need at your fingertips and lovely to boot!

  2. Denise, very nicely organized for a confined space. Well done. The room looks very nice and inviting.

  3. Oh, Denise, I had better NOT show this post to my husband, who claims I'm a Space Gobbler. Sadly, I am. Once upon a time I ran a home-based desktop publishing business with all of the equipment that entails. I can't bear the thought of parting with all of that STUFF...but your nicely arranged room, with your neat-as-a-pin armoire, tempts me. Do I have the will power to follow through? Probably not. I'll just admire your lovely space. :-)

  4. Lovely home and a great place to work! The armoire is gorgeous!!

  5. BBest team mates...thank you for the great comments...I love your input!
    Judy, I promise not to send photos to your husband...it's our secret ! The will power thing is not my strong suite either, I get so out of focus when there's stuff everywhere to distract me...I admit...I am easily distracted by pretty things !!!

  6. Lovely design idea.... I am a organizer as one of my many hats. I am always changing my work area layout which exists in a small area from entry. Thanks for the paper cutter entry, appreciate it. Evergreenlane

  7. thank you for including Crown Bindery in your post. What a lovely office! I know you enjoy alot of wonderful hours there! carla


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