Sunday, May 1, 2011

Canet Village in the South Of France

We sadly left Paris yesterday on a wonderfully comfortable bullet train to the south of France. We're staying in a seaside time share that is very...shall we say ... rustic ( in this case a nice way of saying run down )...who cares though ... We're in France !

Jocelyn and I make a salad in the time share, while our French personal chef Jo makes us a wonderful home made dinner.

Today we went to Carcassonne, which was once the greatest fortress city in Europe. It was built in the 5th Century and has a long, long history of battering rams, catapults, flaming arrows and even a mobil tower inspired by the Trojan Horse. Today it is a magical place to see...and so amazing that it's withstood the test of war and time.

The church has many features that are also present at Notre the gargoyle rain spouts.

It's amazing that the wood in between the stone has held up over time.

Just inside the outer walls, which was the first wall of defense from enemies.

The lichen on the walls of the castle...this would make a beautiful faux finish, or background for a painting.

Eating is a BIG part of the French we reluctantly give in to it !

This was my delicious fare for the day...a steak, fromage & oignon crepe with an (les oeusf) egg on top...and a nice glass of blanc vin...soooo good !

I'll post again next time I find wifi...and something fun to post about. We're off to Nimes in the morning for the next two days and then back to the questionable time share... Ciao for now.

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