Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Romans

It'a a real reminder of how far the Roman Empire reached, all it included and it's influence over all of Europe and beyond. We've seen incredible architecture built by the Romans including a colosseum, towers that rise high above the city of Nimes, temples, aqueducts, name it, they built it ! In most cases your not sure how they did it, though your amazed they accomplished it !

I'm posting this in honor of some of the great Roman buildings we've visited as our trip continues south. Some photos of the most amazing and beautiful structures I (unfortunately) took with my iPhone, and can't transfer them over to my iPad until I get home. They included the Tour Magna tower, which was built 20 to 40 BC! Nimes is one of the oldest cities in the word, once the capital of Mallorca.

Pont Du Gard bridge, the highest aqueduct that carried water to Nimes

The Gard river that runs below the beautiful

Jim and my new French dress from Carcassonne..a photo moment!

The Nimes Arena, coliseum, amphitheater...whatever you want to call's amazing! Built in 100 AD, it held 24,000 spectators to view some of the grisliest Sunday games known to man...then and now! At lunch time ( half time) they would feed prisoners ( who were tied to a stake) to wild animals. After animal versus man matches, they would finish the day with 12 gladiator matches...all of these were bet on! Now we know where it came from ! This arena is still used for sporting and music events today!

Interior shot of arena...we really enjoyed this tour.

Then we came across this temple in the middle of town...this structure was where all big decisions were made in Roman times

It would be so nice to have one of the apartments across the street, with a lovely terrace to look out at the temple while enjoying morning cafe and a croissant!

The columns are called for a photo op !

We had a lovely dinner outside the arena in this nice little Le Cafe restaurant, with a very friendly French waitress to assist us. Since our first rocky day in France...we've had nothing but warm and friendly hospitality. We are loving it !

Most of the facts are correct here...though some are from groggy bare with us and enjoy the photos !

Next post will be about some of the little detail we enjoyed in Nimes.

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