Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gaudi Mosaics...

Now that we are home and over the jet lag (that took a full week) and back into the routine of life here in Encinitas...some wonderful Barcelona visions and ideas are dancing through my head !  Mainly Gaudi and mosaic ideas...breaking tiles & plates and piecing them all back together seems so therapeutic doesn't it ?  

Antonio Gaudi

On the path to his house

Mosaic tile wall in Park Guell 

Close up of a few of the mosaic squares that make up this beautiful wall in the Park Guell, originally constructed as a planned community in the beginning of the 20th century.  This is where Gaudi's house is.

The planned community didn't take off, and it was converted into a public park in 1923 and a World Heritage site in 1969. Worth visiting !

Me loving & being inspired by the tiles

A ceiling medallion in a park pavilion

Ceiling medallion

Upper wall around one of the parks plaza's

Inside of the plaza wall is seating all the way around the plaza

After a little practice, I think I'll be ready to redo the front of my house in mosaic !

In thinking about this post on Gaudi, I checked Etsy to see if I could find any mosaic delights to share...and I did, I did !  There are many fine craftsmen who have been inspired too, so I put together an 
Etsy Treasury that lists some wonderfully creative ideas...check them out and be inspired too.

Barcelona Print

Mosaic mirror
Enamel Cuff

Handmade embossed ceramic tiles
I hope you enjoyed this little visit to a piece, albeit Gaudi is a very large piece of Barcelona.  It's a wonderfully exciting and beautiful city and I would highly recommend a visit there...or at the very least...break a few plates and create a little Barcelona and Gaudi influence in your own little piece of the world map. 

And if you do...please share your creations and comments here...we'd love to hear from you...ENJOY!

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  1. Very interesting! Really living his art. Thanks for sharing this.


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