Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No place like home !

Finally home...feeling a bit toasted...a lot tired...and a little French !

Needless too say...there are piles of laundry pulled out of suitcases, sorted and ready to tend to...maps and memorabilia to file away...emails & phone calls to answer...sleep to chase and try to catch up on...not to mention getting back to business for both of us.

We saw so much and both truly delighted in the experiences we shared...though one thing is for sure...

There is no place like home Dorothy! 

Thank you for following along and for all the fun comments you sent us along the way.  After a short break from postings and pictures...and once I'm back in this time zone...I'll share a few more cool things that got my creative juices flowing.   For now, my little iPad and I  are taking a rest !

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  1. Welcome home! Enjoyed your following your travels.


Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. I enjoy and appreciate your comments and also lets me know I'm not out here in Blogland all alone!