Monday, May 7, 2012

May Flowers

As you may already know
I switch out my theme at
Leaping Lotus
every month to keep it fresh

This month of May is
May Flowers

It starts with an inspiration...and takes off from there.
My eye just starts searching out like things...
pattern, fabric, specific items, furniture...what ever fits...

...and whatever I can fit it!
It amazes me what can squeeze into two relatively small spaces!

My favorite this month is this fabulous vintage decoupaged dresser I found
in a great little antiques mall in Carlsbad...marked WAY down...
it was a steal!
I scrubbed it down numerous times with cheap VODKA...
you heard me

Vodka is a great natural disinfectant and it doesn't leave an odor in the wood like bleach or other cleaners would. It works great to remove mold & mildew
and leave it smelling fresh. I repaired & replaced some of the inside workings of drawers to keep it functional and repaired all the little torn edges of decoupaged paper. The drawer interiors are completely lined with the original paper and is still in great shape...I just added a few Vanilla drawer sachets...
and now I don't want to sell it !!!

Along with some very cool garden items
Lucinda added to May Flowers...
three of her beautiful, botanical original watercolors.

The Vintage side of Cerro Home got spruced up too...
with lots of new finds added in.

Your always invited to come by and visit...
and maybe even find Lucinda and I
reworking & keepin' it fresh!

April showers brought May Flowers


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