Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And now for a break...

A little week long break  
Kona Coast on the big island of 

I know this seems like a slide show of our summer vacation...
and it kinda is!
More so though...
the importance of getting away from 
paint + computers 
 refresh + reacquaint with family
and just swim with the fishes...
in a good kinda way, not a Godfather kinda way!


view from our Lani

snorkeling most days

visiting ancient ruins and learning about the Hawaiian history

 a long drive to the volcano and waiting to see its glow at night

 kayaking + more snorkeling + spinner dolphins

 always searching out turtles...in a non-invasive kinda way

 time out for henna tattoos

  collecting all things Hawaiian for our table

  taking in the gorgeous scenery
 spending time together
with a live volcano in the background

exploring the beach & tide pools
(Taylor with a giant sea slug)
even a women's roller derby game !

Time flew by way to quickly...and since I couldn't figure out how to stay indefinitely and become a Wahine...
we came home...
completely refreshed...
ready to get back to paint + computers

I have 3 pieces of furniture & a bathroom 
I'll be working on for clients and several new pieces for 
Cerro Home in Leaping Lotus 
I'll be sure to share...
but all work and no play needed to take a break!

Be back soon...

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