Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A little stroll, wander, saunter, skip...down memory lane...

First of all...
I'm doing my Sunday morning blog post this morning...
 Tuesday morning!

There is no real good reason for this
except...I was tired!
It was a long week, a good week 
and taking a little nap with my best cat (Paint)
and shop dog JoJo
was a PERFECT way to spend Sunday
(and that I would post this unflattering picture of me sleeping
 just goes to show how tired I was)

Last week, as the title says, I got to stretch my legs 
and take a little trip down memory lane.

Fourteen years ago, I had the creative pleasure to paint for a wonderful client, Claire.  She and her husband had just moved to California from the east coast and were completely redoing their new home...with plans of wonderful wall textures and finishes as a backdrop for their extensive art collection and treasures they had gathered on their world travels.  I was very fortunate to be called on to lend a hand...and a few paint brushes!

Since painting for Claire 14 years ago, I've been happy to make many visits back to this beautiful home for new projects & touch ups of old ones.   Time moves on though, and so is Claire to her next adventure in LA, closer to her daughter.  So I was asked to return one final time to do touch ups on all the walls and finishes for the new homeowners...they are keeping it all just like it is...quite a testament to its beauty and Clair's vision 14 years ago.

The house is empty now...cleared out of all the wonderful furnishings that resided here for 14 years.

Clair's husbands office downstairs was fauxed ceiling to floor!
We ( I had an assistant Kim back then) not only did the walls and ceiling finish,
we did all the woodwork including the desk, shelves and crown moulding.

I did this powder room just a couple of years ago.  
Unfortunately too small and dark to photograph very well,
it was painted Chinese red with a black Venetian plaster troweled over it.

This guest room was one of my favorite finishes!
I used a regular squeegee, cut notches into it
and dragged it through the wet faux paint...
so messy...thankful the wood floor wasn't in yet!

The master bedroom
This room was a turning point in my faux painting career!
It was the last time I ever used oil based paint and mineral spirits 
to do a faux finish ...I ended up in the Emergency room that night
from breathing in the fumes! 
Can I hear an Amen!

I painted this Little French monkey on the ironing board cabinet in the master 
(brilliant location & way to make this every day item look good)
I actually found this monkey in one of my favorite mural books...

Another ironing board cabinet, this time where it belongs...
in the laundry room.

For such a small space...Claire had lots of ideas to make her laundry room fun!
On the door out to the garage I did a mural to include her three dogs,
two of which were added later on down the road.

And last, but by far my favorite...
Claire had an elevator installed and I got to paint it!
We came up with an idea of a hot air balloon
rising up into the sky.

First we needed a balloon bucket to stand in
and ropes to hold it to the balloon itself...

  and a colorful balloon it was/is.

Added in were clouds, birds and hot air balloons that followed up the elevator shaft and looked like you were on a ride.

 I have very fond memories of this project and the woman who made it all come to fruition....Clair. I know she'll be up to her old tricks and creating a new space to reside in...the best to her...and her little dog too!

I invite you to leave comments...
it get's pretty lonely out here in blogland,
don't be shy...speak up!


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