Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm searching out two tone kitchen inspirations...I found a few!

 I really enjoy a dual color kitchen...
as a matter of fact have had a few myself,
actually...the last three!
(which I'll share later in this post)

This morning I'm meeting with my friend, client and 
the gal who makes my hair look great...

I'm going to paint her kitchen cabinets in two tones
top cabinets in Old White
bottom cabinets in a darker wood tone
(we think)

I promise to take before and after photos to share in a future post!

But for now, I'm searching out inspiration to share with Sherry
and thought it would be great to share here too...
you never know who will be inspired right along with us!

Painting the top cabinets a lighter color really opens up the room

And now, a few of my own kitchens...

It's so simple to paint cabinets, it just takes a little time and prep work.
You'll be so happy with the results, especially at such a low cost!

 typical track home oak cabinets

I took a section at a time each evening
(to lighten the work load)
painted the top cabinets Arizona White
re-stained the bottoms a darker wood stain (Pecan)
and painted the insets in a faux leather.

I had a local cabinet maker cut out the inside panels of four top doors and replaced them with glass.  
Then replaced all the hardware, hinges & pulls
so everything looked new.

 Our kitchen now was all white...
we added the green bottom and tied it together with 
new tile work 
(we did that ourselves for the first time)
and oil rubbed hardware 
(which I also painted myself using old hardware from another part of the house)

All three of these kitchens were done on a, shall we say, tight budget!
We reused what we could, and carried the colors into the adjoining room
with a built in cabinet...

 Which now holds books and treasures 

So get out the paint, brushes and rollers...
and give your kitchen (bathroom, laundry room, whatever room)
a weekend makeover.

You'll be so happy you did!
And's only paint
 if you change your mind or make a mistake
you can paint over it!


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