Friday, September 14, 2012

Jim + JoJo + Grass= a project at home...

A quick little post about a guy

who says he didn't want a dog

though now that we have this little tomboy

the guy (Jim) decides she (JoJo) needs grass!

Way before JoJo was a thought we bought this place 
and had to redo the very small yard.
Rip out the astro turf

build a fence

tile the covered patio.

Fast forward to present time September 2012
we have the little dog
Jim has spent days... 
removing existing bark
adding brick edging
preparing the soil...
picking up 16 strips of sod at Home Depot...
now I step in to help
(those strips are really heavy)!

I won't bore you with each stripe being laid down.
It's a very small yard so it went pretty quick...
just a few cuts and it fit right in.

almost ready...

JoJo's sniffin around...

What's she gonna do?


She is loving her grass and buddy Jimmy for making it happen

I love the finished patio with the new green element of grass
and small enough to maintain easily

In the end...
JoJo and I are pretty lucky to have such a handy, thoughtful 
man around the house.

Did I mention he doesn't want a dog?


  1. Awwww.... Love it! This totally reminded me of my hubby.

    1. I know! Mine protests...but secretly...and sometimes so crazy about this little dog...she adds so much fun to our life! And he is a man of service...I know he's thinking about us and making our life a little nicer when he takes on these projects. Sounds like you may enjoy that quality in your guy too! :)


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