Sunday, September 9, 2012

What am I doing fooling around on this beautiful Sunday morning?

When I shoulda/coulda/woulda been posting 
about my latest piece of furniture.

I'll tell ya, it's hard to keep on task when it is so darn beautiful outside,
and fall is right around the corner bringing a whole new kinda beauty with it...
along with brisker Sunday mornings.

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I hate to see summer slipping away...
so I was out savoring the morning...
walking my little dog, watering the flowers outside, sitting on the patio with a 
fresh cup of Don Jose's Butternut Toffee coffee...
life can't get any sweeter!

Now I'm back, 
sitting at my computer and ready to share this cute little writing desk.

I got this little cutie from my friend and fellow furniture painter Renae.
She'd been liquidating some of her furniture finds 
and I got my hands on this one... 
thinking it would be great timing for back to school.

Of course who doesn't love Duck Egg Blue with a little Lois Blue and 
Graphite to ground it and represent pencil lead!

Again...I used Springtime in Paris letter stencil
from the Royal Design's perfect for this desk top.

The chair had a rush seat with some missing pieces.
I padded and covered it, picked up a seat cushion from a local discount store,
added a Graphite tic tac toe pattern and sewed on a few buttons...
oh yes, and painted the chair Duck Egg Blue too.

This part to me is very important...and way too often skipped...
finish off your drawer interiors!

Why not take a little bit of extra time and paint the inside of your drawer
(unless it's a beautiful finish already)
and line them with paper that goes with your painted piece!
You'll be happy you did...
and even more proud of the hard work and detail that went into
creating a special piece that has your signature on it. 

I used bronze drawer pulls left over from a kitchen redo
and painted them graphite to match the edging of the desk...
then gave the whole piece a light sanding to mellow it a bit.

As long as I have wet paint on my brush... 
I try to paint a few accessory pieces to go along with
whatever furniture I just worked on.

Then when I load it up and take it down to my shop at 
I have a whole complete color story to put up front.

It's a pretty full little space that I call my own!
I can actually get 6 different color stories going on there.
I love being there, love going down and fussing with my shop,
love the people who work there!

All in all a great experience...
from furniture finds, redesigning and painting , merchandising ...
and best of all ...
finding new homes for my furniture with appreciative customers!

Me and my little shop dog (Joey/JoJo) are pretty darn lucky!

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share your thoughts...and make sure to leave an email so I can respond.


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  1. your spot at the shop looks charming, denise. thanks so much for the kind words and sharing your positive energy with us here.

    smiles to you.



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