Friday, June 14, 2013

Just makes me happy...and a 33%off coupon!

I've been thinking lately about what makes me happy,
really happy!

I think I've mentioned once or twice before that I love all aspects of what I do finding+painting+merchandising+selling
There are other things I'm not so wild about doing on a regular basis,
mostly has to do with the technical end of things.

Only because it takes me away from painting and doing the thing I really love.
Don't get me can be equally's just not painting...
and I am best at that!

So when I'm M.I.A. from blogging or FaceBooking
or being social on the network
I'm usually in my happy place

Here's a little peek of what I've been up to

A desk with no drawers + chairs with no seats,
come together and transformed as a set.
Painted with an undercoat of ASCP Primer Red
 using a home made turquoise chalk paint to cover it up...
just letting the red peek through.

Now at Leaping Lotus awaiting a new home.

I've had this dresser for years , a great find at $20.

Refreshing the wood top & trim
adding turquoise chalk paint and soft wax to the rest 
just might find this little beauty a new home.
It's waiting at Leaping Lotus.

I recently found this little vanity in a thrift store,
the beautiful toile fabric caught my eye as I was walking out.
Had to have it, painted the piece, washed and pressed the fabric...

Covered up the bland top with a little hand painted fluer de lis pattern...

...and here she is in the Urban Barn in Escondido CA,
along with a few other new pieces that were just made for each other.
I would love if they all went home together!

After taking the advice from another online painter friend
two tone was the way to go

I especially love the drawer pulls on this one...
now at Leaping Lotus.

This is a nice little lingerie chest I came across 
and gave a little chalk paint lift's now sitting in Leaping Lotus.

So...there's my story, morning glory.
Still wanting to keep my fingers in the online social stuff,
but maybe 
just a little less of that
and a little more of this!

Balance and happiness

and now for even more happiness...

Both Cerro Home shops are filled to the brim!
I'm offering a 33% off coupon to my 
shop email list + blog followers + facebook friends...
in both my shops from 
June 24th through July 7th.

Just print out the coupon below and bring it in when you shop...
I hope you find something that makes you happy too.




Let's get happy


  1. Unbelievably wonder I haven't heard from you!!! What are the little chairs? Are they 1:12 scale - for a dollhouse, of course.

    1. Thank you Linda...I have been busy! Now I'm headed up to LA for the showroom gig. Those little chairs were too big for your doll house...and they sold this last week...yippeee!
      See you soon...promise!


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