Friday, May 24, 2013

A day at the beach...making waves!

It was a nice little beach break 
painting furniture...

...and making waves instead!

Project from Studio H Design Group
A vacation beach condo, kid's room
right on Mission Bay in San Diego.

Let me take you through a few steps of my process.

a blank 13 foot wall.

Next...a plan!
I worked out a thumbnail, scale plan,
 with all elements included.

I get all my information in one spot for easy access.
Once I start painting, I can just glance over 
to view my reference material.

I use watercolor pencils to draw my design on the wall. 
The marks either absorb into my paint once I get started
or I can wipe/erase them away with a damp cloth.
I always have a calculator close by to check for accuracy of my wall dimensions.

I have plenty of my favorite brushes and supplies 
and mix my colors as I go.

Back to that blank wall...

Once I had the wave sketched out to scale, I filled it in with a slightly transparent paint in a light blue.  This way I could have some of the yellow peeking through (water is transparent after all), and create the motion of the waves with my brush strokes.

Having those strokes to follow, I started adding in 
different shades of blue and sea green, 
blending and mixing as I went.  

I painted a dark edge along the top to create 
contrast and curl once the white cap is painted in.

After the white cap was painted on, 
blues + greens + more white 
were added for a 
little more dimension.

Of course I have after pictures of my work...
but not of the final details...darn!
Once the room is all together I'll get those, 
but for now you're gonna have to visualize!

There are going to be three twin beds on this wall,
and this is the beach grass headboard for each of them.
 Above the headboards...
three very cool and apropos surfboard shelves
will be installed to look like they are on the wave.
Surfs Up!

The painted finger starfish in the waves 
will actually be right above the shelves & headboards,
appearing to be resting on top of them.

There is much more planned for this beachy kids room,
additional bedding + beach rugs + new window treatments.

For now though...this is all I have to show you.
A great start to this room and the Memorial Day Weekend...
I am now ready for beach + sun time!


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  1. So fresh and invigorating! Makes you want to get up and get going. Awesome concept and painting. I love it!


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